Visualising Gridap result

Is there any way to visualise the solution uh in this code

other than writinfg it as vtk file.
plot is not working.

There is GitHub - gridap/GridapMakie.jl: Makie plotting recipes for Gridap , and the readme actually contains a section on 3D plots which has the model from the Poisson equation tutorial you linked as an example.

So assuming you have run the tutorial as is, with the triangulation saved in Ω and the solution saved in uh, then running

using Gridap, GridapMakie, GLMakie
using FileIO

fig, ax, plt = plot(Ω, uh, shading=true)
Colorbar(fig[1,2], plt)
save("gridap_tutorial1_poisson_equation.png", fig)


(I have rotated the plot a bit so it has more or less the same orientation as the one created from the vtk file in the tutorial.)

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