Viewing the content of an array in a browser

I have a script that updates every T seconds. The result of each update is an array. I would now like to display the content of the array on a (local) website using a browser, and then have the display update when my script updates.

Can someone point me in the right direction for achieving this task?

@Ronis_BR’s PrettyTables allows HTML output afaik. If you want the HTML to be live updated, you might want to consider using LiveServer to watch the changes and trigger a refresh.


this would open a separate window displaying the array:

using Tables, TableView, Blink

x = [11 12.2;21 22]      #try x = rand(10,5)

colNames = ["A","B"]     #or perhaps string.(1:size(x,2))
tab = Tables.table(x,header=Symbol.(colNames))

w = Blink.Window()
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