Vertices that direct an edge to itself, using LightGraphs.jl, DiGraph()

Hello Julia community. I am using Julia v.0.6.4 to make visualization for a structural analysis of a linear system. And for this I am using graphs from LightGraphs.jl and specifically directed graphs function DiGraph().
I’ve got a problem with representation of vertices that direct an edge to itself. This is a diagonal elements on a matrix that is used for the graph creation. See example for better understanding:

using LightGraphs
using GraphPlot
A = [-4.36928  2.86758e-11  -0.000334885  7.71247e-6  -1.52591e-9;
      0.0      0.0           0.0          0.0          0.0;
      4.21327  3.43463e-10  -0.00401345  -1.10343e-5   1.47294e-9;
      0.0      0.0           997.0        0.0          0.0;
      0.0      0.0           0.0          0.0          0.0]
G = DiGraph(A)
gplot(G, nodelabel=1:size(A)[1])


I showed the problematic edges with red circles. It is visible that sometimes it is really hard to notice them, e.g. self edge to vertex #3 is invisible due to other edges, however it exists which is seen from matrix A (i.e. A[3,3] element).
I would like to ask if it somehow possible to make these edges look a bit different, e.g., as in the fig. below.
I’ve seen that it is possible to manipulate with edges’ line width, color, arrow length or angle. And for now I’ve used a different color for such self edges. However, it would be interesting to know if it is possible to make this more efficient?

You’re probably running into Self-loops not correctly drawn · Issue #60 · JuliaGraphs/GraphPlot.jl · GitHub.

Ok. Thanks. I’m looking forward for changes.