VegaLite.jl equivalent of `facet_wrap`?


is there a way to wrap around the panels of multiple plots (similar to `facet_wrap in ggplot2)? For example would it be possible to arrange the Anscombe’s quartet plot shown in the docs ( in two rows and two columns?

I tried the following (trying to adapt the syntax from but it doesn’t work:

using VegaLite, VegaDatasets
anscombe = dataset("anscombe")
p = anscombe |> @vlplot(mark="point",
                      facet={field="Series", typ="nominal"},
                      x={:X, scale={zero=false}},
                      y={:Y, scale={zero=false}},

This is coming in the next version of Vega-lite, which I believe is getting close to being released. We’ll then need to update VegaLite.jl to target it, but I don’t expect that to be too much work.


thanks, good to know this feature is being implemented