VegaLite: Facet plot with errorband

Does VegaLite not support faceting of plots with errorbands? I’m struggling to make this work:

using VegaLite, DataFrames

function generatedata()
    df = DataFrame()
    K = 10
    L = 10
    Cat1 = [:A,:B]
    Cat2 = [:X,:Y]
    for i in Cat1, j in Cat2
        tmp = DataFrame()
        tmp.Cat1 = [i for _ in 1:K*L]
        tmp.Cat2 = [j for _ in 1:K*L]
        tmp.Week = [rem(w,K) for w in 1:K*L]
        df = vcat(df,tmp)
    df.Id = [i for i in 1:size(df,1)]
    df.Value = rand(size(df,1))
    df[df.Cat1.==:A,:Value] .+=1
    df[df.Cat2.==:X,:Value] .-=2
    return df

df = generatedata()

# Works (Error band + color + mean)
df |> @vlplot(x=:Week,color=:Cat2) + @vlplot(mark={:errorband, extent=:ci},y=:Value) + @vlplot(:line,y="mean(Value)")
# Facet version of this does not work:
df |> @vlplot(x=:Week,color=:Cat2,column=:Cat1) + @vlplot(mark={:errorband, extent=:ci},y=:Value) + @vlplot(:line,y="mean(Value)")
# Works (simple line version)
df |> @vlplot(:line,x=:Week,color=:Cat1,column=:Cat2,y="mean(Value)")


We had a similar question here

The solution wasn’t obvious so maybe it is similar here. Could you try for yourself? I could perhaps look later into details.

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This works for me (VegaLite 1.0.0):

df |>
    facet={column={field="Cat1", type="nominal"}}
) + 
    @vlplot(x="Week:q",color="Cat2:n") + 
    @vlplot(mark={:errorband, extent=:ci},y="Value:q") + 


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Brilliant! That works for me! Thanks a lot @jtackm! I also found the answer that @oheil mentioned, but wasn’t able to map it to my case last night. Thanks both of you!


On faceting, you can see my problem and solution which may be applicable to you.

VegaLite throws error on faceting plots

Although I am not sure if the behaviour has changed with the newest release.