I’m new to Julia and New to the field of bioinformatics in general so please Help.

I’ve downloaded Julia on command line on a cloud ubuntu,
Got it running
added VariantVisualization.jl
Following the instruction and typing in my command line:
julia viva -f S16_SNP.vcf -s -o ./S16_SNP.png

I either do not get any response at all, or it gives me an error of viva file does not exist.
Has anyone worked with viva before and can give me some help?

Could it be that the ‘-s’ flag is missing a value, e.g. either don’t use that flag at all or provide a data type like ‘-s html’.

Did you run

julia viva ...


viva ...


I don’t know about the details of the package, but the readme suggests that you should use the command named viva, i.e. the second option. When you try julia viva ... you invoke the Julia command and it tries to execute a file called viva (which doesn’t exist).