Value of e

how to get around this?

julia 1.0> e
ERROR: UndefVarError: e not defined

julia 1.0> pi
π = 3.1415926535897...

julia 1.0> golden
ERROR: UndefVarError: golden not defined

I got around this. I think I need to use


Those math constants used to be available straight away in 0.6 and have moved to another package in 1.0. If you want to get used to that change and the other changes introduced, use 0.7 until you’re comfortable with the new bindings. 0.7 exists to provide deprecation warnings for stuff that’s moved out of Base in 1.0.

This is a good piece of advice for everyone struggling to migrate old code to Julia 1.0 or trying to learn Julia by running pieces of code available on the net most of which are yet to be updated or replaced. The whole Julia team has done an excellent job by having Julia 0.7 to help an easy migration of old Julia code.

Many thanks to Julia development team.