Using Query.jl with an array of Dict

I have an array of Dicts (from JSON.jl), which I am trying to perform query commands. Here’s a shorter example though:

test = [Dict("a"=>1,"b"=>1),Dict("a"=>1,"b"=>2),Dict("a"=>2,"b"=>3)]
test |> @map({_["a"],_["b"]})

which returns an error:

syntax: invalid named tuple element "##295["a"]" around /Users/XXXX/.julia/packages/Query/85Sw7/src/query_translation.jl:58

The @map works with either of the two fields, but not both. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

I’m running Julia 1.5.3 and query 1.0.0 on MacOS 11.0.1

I figured out my error. I needed to name each of the fields. So

test |> @map({a=_["a"],b=_["b"]})

worked fine.