User survey and executables

It seems that based on the user survey being able to generate executables is one of the major issues for users.
I see improvements for the other issues all the time (which is great), but I haven’t seen much on how this one will be addressed (other than PackageCompiler). Is there some sort of prediction on when standalone executables will be fully supported? Or is the consensus that they won’t be coming any time soon (or will remain within PackageCompiler) and that we just have to deal with that (as other languages have done)?
Thanks a lot!

IMHO: based on the JuliaCon - this is on the roadmap

And a probably related PR - I have found:


Thanks! I didn’t catch that when I watched that video.
Is there a roadmap, though? I know asking for dates sucks, but these lightweight executables Jeff mentions, is the plan to have them done in a year or more like 5? Jeff mentions a prototype for “separate compilation” next year. Is that what he’s referring to?

The information in that video is the most up to date information we have (and probably what we’ll have until issues and PRs on Github start coming in). I don’t think there will be a statement like “we’ll have it done by 1.xy” until it’s actually working and due to release.