Updating the same plot window with multiple panes in a loop

I am trying to update the same plot window in loop, with the window having multiple (in this case, two is sufficient) panes. But this code doesn’t update the window.
How do I go about doing this?

EDIT: It is fine even if two separate windows can be created and updated separately.

using LinearAlgebra
using Plots

xx = range(1,10,10);
p0 = plot(title="A")
fg = 1        
while fg<100 
    plot(plot([xx, xx], [0.1*fg*xx, 0.2*fg*xx]),
         plot(xx, 0.3*fg*xx), 
         layout = (1, 2), framestyle = :box, legend = false, show=true, reuse=true) 
    fg = fg + 1;