Update Project.toml manually


I was trying to update an old package that I wrote in order to be able to register it and run gen_package.jl as described in the Pkg doc and suppressed my REQUIRE file. The problem is now that I have made further modification to the package but the project.toml won’t update itself and so the new dependencies are not taken in acount.

Do you know how I can manually update the project.toml file so that I’ll be able to register my package ?


If the code of MyPackage is in the path ~/.julia/dev/MyPackage, type:

] activate ~/.julia/dev/MyPackage

(Use the path that is suitable to your case).

This should activate the enviornment of that package — you’ll see (MyPackage) pkg> in the prompt. And then, if the dependencies of the package are Foo and Bar, just add them (still in the package management mode):

add Foo
add Bar

This will populate the Project.toml with the suitable lines. Enter activate (with no argument) to go back to the default environment, when you are done.