Unthreshold recurrence plot. How to get a smooth color change?

This Recurrence Plot (RP) I get by

using Plots
Plots.contour(1:n, 1:n, R, fill=true, size = (600,600))

But I feet that I lose some structure of RP in the black area. How to get a smooth color change?
Thank you!

I’ve found a solution!


using PyPlot
PyPlot.imshow(R, extent=[0, 5, 0, 5], origin="lower", cmap="RdGy")
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Nice plot. Good job!

As a side note, if you are interested in RQA (not that much on the side of plots, but on the numerical aspects), you may also be willing to have a look at RecurrenceAnalysis.jl.

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Thank you a lot! I try to apply RQA to distinguish financial bubble’s crash phase. I don’t know someone who is interested in this area at my university. So I really often look into RecurrenceAnalysis.jl documentation. This package is the best tool for my purpose!