UnitfulAngles Error with Julia 1.0.3?

I recently upgraded from Julia 1.0.2 to 1.0.3. I can use UnitfulAngles.jl with 1.0.2, but receive the following error with 1.0.3

It appears that this is an issue with the UnitfulAngles package? Is there a way to ameliorate this or should I stick with v1.0.3?

I haven’t found other threads on this topic, so I’m starting this one.

Check the status of the package manager with

pkg> status

Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my first post: I can’t install/add/build UnitfulAngles with Julia 1.0.3, so it doesn’t appear in the list of packages. I was wondering if UnitfulAngles has been updated

The package is supposed to work in Julia 1. I suggested to check the status of the package manager because perhaps there is a package that for some reason is holding it back

It looks like something is blocking Unitful…?

I can add and use Unitful as well as UnitfulIntegration in 1.0.3. However, I get the noted “Unsatisfiable requirements” error for UnitfulAngles and UnitfulAstro (which depends on UnitfulAngles)

Would be great to see the output of ] status

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Here are the packages I have installed with 1.0.3. The versions of Unitful and UnitfulIntegration are the same as what I have in 1.0.2.

This isn’t the first time that you’re struggling installing packages in JuliaPro. As explained in the other thread, JuliaPro uses a smaller registry than vanilla Julia. Have you considered switching to non-pro Julia? Another possibility would be to try and use the General registry in JuliaPro, but I’m not sure how to do that

My experience with these packages can’t be unique.

  1. PhysicalConstants.jl, which you just referenced, was abandoned before Julia 1.0 was released. adamslc pointed me towards Unitful.
  2. I downloaded the current stable release 1.1.0 - even with the General Registry, the “Unsatisfiable requirements” error is output for UnitfulAngles and UnitfulAstro when I import them

@giordano It sounds like you can add/import UnitfulAngles and/or UnitfulAstro with v1.0.3?

@yakir12 looks like you have to release a new version of UnitfulAngles: https://github.com/JuliaLang/METADATA.jl/pull/19576

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Ok, you’re right. I’ll fix that today.

Indeed, UnitfulAngles was due an update. Done and done. Made a new release. Everything should work now (or at least once metadata gets updated). Thanks for highlighting this issue!