Unitful SymbolicNumericIntegration ambiguity

What is supposed to happen here?

using Symbolics, SymbolicNumericIntegration, Unitful
@variables x
julia> integrate(9.8u"m/s^2"*x)
ERROR: MethodError: *(::Quantity{Float64, 𝐋 𝐓^-2, …}, ::Num) is ambiguous. Candidates:
  *(a::Number, b::Num) in Symbolics at /home/user/.julia/packages/SymbolicUtils/qulQp/src/methods.jl:71
  *(x::Unitful.AbstractQuantity, y::Number) in Unitful at /home/user/.julia/packages/Unitful/ApCuY/src/quantities.jl:33
Possible fix, define
  *(::Unitful.AbstractQuantity, ::Num)

Symbolics doesn’t use unitful like that. It would require defining the units in the variable declaration, but that might not work with SymbolicNumericIntegration.jl