Unitful docs have diappeared

There is a very useful package Unitful that I use infrequently.
Thing is that the README links to https://ajkeller34.github.io/Unitful.jl/stable which seemingly disappeared but his Github profile still exists

I’m a bit afraid for the package as a whole…

The links should be updated to http://painterqubits.github.io/Unitful.jl/stable/. Golden chance for a simple Pull Request if you are up for it!


As a new father, I really wanted to know how package docs could be diapered… I should be an expert by now :laughing:


It would have been good to replace the old github pages with a redirect, most of the top google links are broken too.

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That is actually the problem here. I found the package over google and always considered ajkeller’s version to be the official one

It was until about a couple of days ago. The repository has been simply moved.