UnicodePlots.jl scatterplot! not mutating previous plot

Hello, good afternoon. Im trying to plot two series in a scatterplot using UnicodePlots and its not working. The first plot I created is not being mutating using the code below:

here trying to mutate with other serie:

scatterplot! is outputting the same previous plot without adding the new one. I dont figure if the workflow is different, but, how to add two series in this scatterplot from two different data?

The first plot sets the range of x-axis and y-axis automatically. This range covers only the “setosa” subset and the other “versicolor” subset is outside the plot.

You can use xlim and ylim (named parameters) to set axes ranges manually in the first call.


I’ll try it here and return as soon as possible.

It worked as you said. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


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