Unicode error with Plots.jl and PGFPlotsX

Using Plots with PGFPlotsX backend I get strange substitutions for some characters in the tex file. For example, this code

        title = "Interpolação polinomial"

generates a file fig.tex that contains:

\begin{axis}[point meta max={nan}, point meta min={nan}, legend cell align={left}, 
title={Interpola$ç$$ã$o polinomial} ...

As can be seen, in the title, some characters as ç and ã get surrounded by $. The resulting file cannot be included in the main tex file since I get errors like the one below when I try to compile with pdflatex.

Command \c invalid in math mode.

Is this a bug? Is there any setting in Plots.jl to left the title text without modification?

using Plots, LaTeXStrings
    title = LaTeXString("Interpolação polinomial")

(edit: Oh, I’m sorry, this just came up in my list, I didn’t realize how old it is. Hope you haven’t been waiting for this since January)

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