Two Job ads mentioning Julia in Australia


Starting to see job ads in Australia advertising jobs and mentioning Julia in the job ad. Baby steps!

Staff Research Engineer - Audio Algorithms, Company Name Dolby Laboratories

Experienced data scientist / researcher


@xiaodai I see your Australian jobs, and raise you one in London
I saw a developer job at the startup
which had Julia as one of the skills.
If anyone from Gower Labs is one here, please talk to me!


This raises a very good subject. We are at the point of seeing Julia being requested in the market.
How do I go about proving that I have Julia skills? I guess at the moment I can say that I have done XYZ courses, am involved int eh community and have studied Malcolm Sheringtons excellent book.

Are there any plans for Julia certification? Over to the Julia creators.

(ps. do we need an @juliamavens tag ??)


Contributions visible on Github & similar. Not only do they display your coding skills, but long PRs which required discussion with others also evaluate you as part of a team.

I hope not :wink: They are characteristic markets where the employees are more or less interchangeable. I imagine Julia programmers are in a better position.


#me goes off to GitHub.

Point taken re. certification.