Turing -- extract information of estimates/chains?

I have run a Turing fitting session, and look at the results (estimates? chain?):

julia> p_est

leading to:

Is it possible to extract the tables, e.g., Summary Statistics and Quantiles in DataFrames so that I can PrettyTables them and convert them to LaTeX?

estDF = summarize(p_est)

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Neat. I found out that I can also use describe(p_est), leading to two element vector where summarize(p_est) = describe(p_est)[1], while element 2 contains the quantiles.

One more thing… (as they say):

  • does p_est contain the prior distributions that were defined in the model, or would I need to take them out of the Turing model? [I’d like to compare the densities of the priors and the posteriors…]

Assuming p_est is a Chains object from a call to sample, it just contains posterior information. You can call sample in a way to get samples from the prior, have a look at the docs. Then you could compare say marginal densities using a KDE