Tuple to DateTime

I’m processing a CSV file where I have a couple of years of recordings, there are several readings per hour, and I’m summing them altogether to get a total per day.

I get the data into a dataframe ok.

julia> df
32047×6 DataFrame
Row │ Location date A mW/cm2 T degC RH %
│ String15 DateTime Float64? Int64? Float64? Int64?
1 │ Mezzaine NE 2022-08-08T11:45:00 229.8 0 25.3 47

I can get the vales of A for each day and sum these with

gdf = groupby(transform(df, :date => x->yearmonthday.(x)),:date_function)
A_totals = combine(gdf,:A => sum)

The problem is this put the date as a tuple into the new dataframe
julia> A_totals
'349×2 DataFrame (2022, 8, 8) 2921.49 (2022, 8, 9) 5954.86`

I need to have that tuple as a DateTime type, I tried converting it by cturning it into a string, or using a DateFormat specifier, but neither worked.

julia> d
(2022, 8, 8)

julia> ds=string(d)
"(2022, 8, 8)"
ERROR: ArgumentError: Invalid DateTime string

julia> df
dateformat"(Y, M, D)"
julia> Date(d,df)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching Int64(::Tuple{Int64, Int64, Int64})

Now I’m stuck.

julia> Date(2022, 8, 8)

julia> d=(2022, 8, 8)   #If you have the triple of values ​​in a tuple, 
(2022, 8, 8)

#  don't do this.

julia> Date(d)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching Int64(::Tuple{Int64, Int64, Int64})
# instead do this
julia> Date(d...)
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Thank you! That seems to work, but why does that work?
What does … mean in this context?

It is the splatting operator.


Thank you.