Trying variety of Solvers

hello there,

I have been looking for some solver to try with my problem ( non convex NLP)
After finishing the modelling stage, I was really impressed by the easiness of using a solver like Ipopt with JuMP, but now to look for a global optimum point, I am interested to try other solvers like COUENNE or BARON for example… but I have had problem linking Julia with these solvers and the license issue…I need some help or guide.

Thank you in advance

I think this request might be a bit too broad to get meaningful help - it’s probably best to start specific threads for specific issues with specific solvers (including code that reproduces your errors where applicable) so that people can help you.

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Potentiallly useful:

… but, as nilshg pointed out: the question is a bit broad. Much depends on the optimization problem you are trying to solve.