Trying to solve a second order differential eqution


Each time that I am trying to use PGFPlotsX (sinc a few days) I obtain this kind of error:

ERROR: LoadError: ArgumentError: Package PGFPLotsX not found in current path:
- Run `import Pkg; Pkg.add("PGFPLotsX")` to install the PGFPLotsX package.

The package is installed howver.

It’s just a typo: you’re trying to load PGFPLotsX (note the capitalized L), but the package is called PGFPlotsX.


You can avoid errors like this by using tab completion.

Thanks for your replies.
It’s true: the package is called PGFPlotsX .
(If my recollection is good I copied with the mouse and paste with mouse button…)