Trouble with Pkg3

I’m trying to add support for a package which is still using the REQUIRE file. I’ve been following this documentation.

I added a Project.toml file. The Project.toml file has a line under [deps] which says Compat = <somehash>. But building the project (by running add ./project_name) fails with Module Compat not found in the current path. Running using Compat in the REPL does not return any errors.

I’m running Julia 0.7.0-alpha.

Could you be a bit more explicit on how the directory structure looks and where you run commands. If it is so detailed that it is easy to reproduce then it will be easier to see where things go wrong.

Argh! I tracked down my error, I had not committed my changes before running add ./project_name. This is mentioned in the docs, but I must have missed it:

The changes would have to be committed and the packages updated in order to pull in the changes.

In light of this, it seems like a good idea to add a warning when someone tries to add a local package that has not been commited? I can see myself making this same mistake again, even now that I’m aware of it.

Oh, I should have seen the add command. Yes, if you want direct usage of the files then you would use dev. Yeah, we could perhaps warn if adding a dirty repo.


Ok, that makes sense. I should have read the docs a little more thoroughly :laughing:. Thanks for the help!