`transform!` on a `SubDataFrame`


I am trying to do an in-place transformation on a subset of a dataframe.

  1. df_filtered_view = filter(args..., df, view = true)
  2. transform!(df_filtered_view, args...)

However, it is not possible to use transform! on a SubDataFrame. I know I can add the filtering column in the transform! function to do the filtering subject to some condition. However, since my transformation function uses ByRow I thought it would be more efficient to filter and then transform, rather than use ByRow on a bunch on unnecessary rows (the rows that don’t meet the filtering criterion don’t need to be modified).

Any thoughts?

transform! on SubDataFrame is supported since version 1.3. Are you sure you’re on the latest version?


Awesome! I will run the update. I’m on 1.2