Transferring *all* plotted elements (and their links to observables) between Axis

I admit, I’m not particularly optimistic whether this is possible, but here goes.

I have a fig, ax, which is an Axis/Axis3 plotted on a Figure. On this axis many things are plotted, and many of the plotted things are observables linked to whatever animation pipeline. Now, from a different figure I have fig2, ax2. Is it possible to transfer everything in ax to ax2, using only fig, ax, fig2, ax2 as arguments, so that whenever I trigger whatever animation update pipeline, ax2 gets updated?

(Yes, I understand that I could “just plot directly to ax2”, but given my setup, it would save me a large amout of work to be able to make the transfer. additionally, if you use packages that provide animation infastructure such as InteractiveDynamics.jl, then you’d have to change their source to achieve that)

As Axis3 and Axis are just wrappers of Scene with regards to their plots, the question is if plots can be transferred from Scene to Scene. It probably doesn’t work correctly right now, but it should be possible to move them. This issue is related to another one where plot objects can’t be created without a Scene. Maybe @sdanisch can give insight to what must happen for plots to be transplantable.

thanks. i really liked the word “transplantable”. I’ll try to use it whenever I can from now on!!!