Transfer ClusteringAPI.jl to JuliaStats


I’ve tried to find a JuliaStats org admin on Slack, but was unsuccessful. The GitHub website also doesn’t tell me who to reach out to in private, so I hope someone can see this in this post instead!

I would like to transfer ClusteringAPI.jl to JuliaStats; I think it is better there than in JuliaDynamics. I just finished the interface package and I plan to publish it to the general registry following the discussion of RFC: ClusteringAPI.jl . Can someone in JuliaStats invite me, and once I transfer the package, make a team with that package and give me admin-level access? Or does the JuliaStats org not want to do this?


@ararslan and @nalimilan thoughts?

@Datseris would you like to migrate the package to JuliaML instead? It is probably more productive. We have other packages actively maintained over there, and clustering would be very welcome.