This topic will close a day after


Noticed that at the end of the csv-unicode-conversation there is written: This topic will close a day after the last reply.

What is the reason for this? Some kind of protection maybe if threads could become longwinded? Or do all solved questions get this? In any case, never noticed before.


We recently had a series of long-winded discussions and I also noticed that sometimes solved topics get sidetracked after a solution is posted. So I am trying out auto-close for topics that have found a solution.


A day seems a little short. Maybe two days? I do think that this could improve the quality of discourse here as several of the least constructive conversations recently were these long-lived zombie discussions.


I think that even 5 or 10 days would be OK. The community of regulars is not that large, people take a break, or are busy for a few days, etc. What we don’t want is topics resurrected after months of inactivity.


I bumped the auto-close for topics to 72h
I also noticed that we can set category specific limits. I set Usuage to 72h as well and might use a longer one for domains/development


Sorry, not sure I get this. Will it means that topics will AUTOCLOSE after a certain period?
If yes, I don’t think it’s such a good idea. It happened with me already a couple of times that I revived a certain topic that I found by search-before-you-ask and had something new/related to add instead of opening a new thread and loose the (useful) history of the old one. Cases like this are probably more common than the loooooong discussions that we may have in mind.


My understanding is that this is conditional on a solution (the little green box with the checkmark).

You can always link the history in the new one.


Who determines what a solution is?

And at what point is closing a post an abuse of admin power?


Please don’t auto-close threads. Sometimes we need to update an old solution or append new information to it.

Threads can be closed manually after moderation with at least 2 people agreeing that there is no more advantage in leaving it open.


Solutions are determined either by the original poster or someone with Trust-Level 4 or higher.

If you have any concerns about misuse of admin power I would like to refer you to the which encourages you to seek resolution of your concerns through the Julia community stewards

I understand your concerns and I have disabled auto-close for now, since I view it as an imperfect solution anyway. I would like to keep the discourse forum fairly hands-off and self-moderated.