The naming of `allunique` in DataFrames.jl

Although it’s probably too late, a name like uniquerows would be more self-explanatory than allunique.

Thanks for your excellent work!

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allunique is the function name in Base Julia that does the job. Therefore we reuse it so that users do not need to learn a new name. If the user knows unique then allunique is natural.

This is a general rule we follow. Functions from Base Julia that operate on collections are used in DataFrames.jl to operate on rows (examples: push!, unique, deleteat!, …). In other words: although DataFrame is not iterable it is considered by these functions as a collection of rows.


I was confused about the function’s purpose, as I didn’t know uniqueall in Base. Now I just tried it and got it. Thank you!

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Naming things is always one of the hardest parts of the design (and that is why such feedback and discussion is valuable to make sure we made right choices).