TextUserInterfaces.jl: Update

Hi guys!

Just a small update about TextUserInterfaces.jl. Today I could commit the code with an WIP API for forms. Hence, we can now receive user inputs in fields:

The time I have to work on this project is very small. Thus, help is very very very welcome! :slight_smile:


This is looking great! Sounds like I have a new go-to instead of rolling my own TUI stuff everytime I need it :slight_smile:

If you need help maintaining/improving the package, it would be helpful to file some specific issues on the tracker and/or even push up some rudimentary (but illustrative) PR showing a rough sketch of what’s needed. That way someone familiar with TUIs but unfamiliar with your package’s structure will at least have an idea of where to start.

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This is a wonderful idea! Thanks I will do this :slight_smile:

Please. An outline of how all of this works, including the how the external libraries are being called would be great!

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Maybe in a wiki explaining how the internals work?