Testing RCall in CI

I’m attempting to get CI working on a package that depends on RCall. I copied the initialization code in the RCall repo, but I’m still running into issues. As far as I can tell, there are two things:

  1. Pkg.build("Rcall") is failing when running on travis.
  2. The RCall build works on AppVeyor, but I also need a specific library (Vegan), and I don’t know how to tell appveyor (or travis for that matter) how to install it.

If I comment out the test that uses RCall, it works on both travis and AppVeyor.

Can anyone help or link to examples that have RCall working (especially examples that depend on external libraries)?

Did you figure out how to use RCall in tests?

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Yes, actually. https://www.github.com/BioJulia/BiobakeryUtils.jl/tree/main/.github%2Fworkflows%2Fci.yml

I mostly just copied the one from RCall itself, but had to jump through some hoops to install the package.