Ternary operator if only syntax

Hi there!

Is there any good reason to not have an if only syntax available for ternary operator where the two following syntax would be equivalent: a ? b and a ? b : nothing ?

Off the top of my head, one problem is then a ? 1:3 would be really weird (is 1:3 a range or a terinary?)


Space is enforced for ternary operator, so it would be a range ^^

EDIT: to the best of my limited knowledge, I don’t know of a case where we can use : with space beside for ternary operator, though my question

julia> 1 : 3

OK, my bad!

Well, thank you and sorry for the time!

I don’t see why nothing would be a useful thing to return.

If you are looking for something like a "one-line if", there is

a = 4
a > 3 && println("Big")

The nothing matches what you get out of an if expression that doesn’t have an else branch.

I really do like the terseness of && and ||, but I always felt using them this way was a bit of a hack and I used to find it quite unintuitive to read or I would get the logic backwards, and I imagine I can’t be the only one.

As expressions they don’t behave quite like if expressions because the untaken branch returns a Bool instead of nothing. So I always felt there was scope for adding some additional syntax here. (But - more syntax makes for a more complex language, so I’m not sure where the balance lies on this one).


I think that at this point, they are pretty established and widely used in Julia packages.