Terminate after warning is thrown - global setting

I want to ensure that my program runs without doing questionable operations. Thus I would like the program to terminate whenever a warning is thrown; i.e. promote a warning to the level of errors.

Is there a way to do this? I have the Python equivalent warnings.filterwarnings("error") of the warnings package in mind.

Julia doesn’t “throw” warnings. However, warning messages are typically written to the stderr stream, so you can turn such warnings to errors simply by redirecting stderr to a read-only stream:

julia> redirect_stderr(open(touch(tempname()), "r"))
IOStream(<file ...>)

julia> @warn "foo"
ERROR: ArgumentError: write failed, IOStream is not writeable

(With a bit more work, I guess you could change stderr to a pipeline of some sort that captures the warning message and re-prints it.)

You can install a custom logger that eg. terminates the process for messages with level higher than warnings:

julia> using Logging, LoggingExtras

julia> terminator = EarlyFilteredLogger(global_logger()) do log_args
           if log_args.level >= Logging.Warn
               println(stderr, "ERROR: Log message with higher level than Logging.Warn, terminating process.")
           return true

julia> global_logger(terminator);

julia> @info "hello"
[ Info: hello

julia> @warn "world"
ERROR: Log message with higher level than Logging.Warn, terminating process.

$ # back to shell prompt
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I suppose there is a way to add a trace back to this fine solution ?

If you just want to promote the level from warning to error you can do that with a custom logger too, but as Steven said, error log messages don’t terminate the process (@error "something" is not the same as error("something")):

julia> using LoggingExtras, Logging

julia> promoter = TransformerLogger(global_logger()) do log_args
           if Logging.Error > log_args.level >= Logging.Warn
               return merge(log_args, (; level = Logging.Error))
               return log_args

julia> global_logger(promoter);

julia> @info "hello"
[ Info: hello

julia> @warn "warn"
┌ Error: warn
└ @ Main REPL[11]:1