Tennis Lineup Optimizer

Hi all,

I’m putting together a little tennis lineup optimizer program to play some daily fantasy contests during the US Open here.

I’m trying to write a constraint that picks a set of players on the condition that a player and their opponent cannot both be selected in the same lineup.

The path is a csv file that contains a list of the players, their opponents, and other information related to the contest.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide,


I assume you are using JuMP?

Take a read of the first post of PSA: make it easier to help you. To get help, you will need to formulate a specific question, and ideally provide simplified code demonstrating what you have tried.

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Hi Oscar,

Thanks for your reply and helpful links. In fact I am working from the zlisto code you linked to, and after going through the specific bits of code again to share here, I was able to find a workaround to constrain players from being chosen in the same lineups as their opponents.