Teaching-Learning-based Optimization

Is there an implementation of the Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization (TLBO) algorithm in a Julia package or somewhere on Github? I found a MATLAB toolbox, but all searches for Julia were not successful.

See Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm | SpringerLink

I would also be interested (less so, but anyway) in an implementation of the Jaya method, see http://www.growingscience.com/ijiec/Vol7/IJIEC_2015_32.pdf .

Thanks for any hints. HW

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I haven’t seen that particular one, but there are a variety of related packages:

Not exactly the same thing, but there is this book on NLOpt: GitHub - ctkelley/SIAMFANLEquations.jl: This is a Julia package for a book project.

Thanks – but I know all this.
I am only interested in the two algorithms mentioned.