TCAD and julia?

Is there a package which can solve drift-diffusion and Poisson’s equations for isotype heterojunctions? I think 1D would be enough.

I am asking as I would be interested in understanding thermal emission or tunneling transport at such interfaces.

I have not seen any mention of TCAD myself. All I can give you are a few leads.

If you are thinking of assembling your own solution:

You can also take a look at my EDA aggregator page:

I have a section on TCAD:

There is also PISCES (Stanford), but I don’t know where to find the code:

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Thank you for this nice collection of links. I’ll take a look at them.

This project may be applicable, if you have not discovered it already:

The developer of the project has a lot of TCAD experience and has published several papers on drift diffusion formulations.