TBB and Julia threads composability

I would like to call parallel C++ libraries from a multithreaded Julia program, using the composable parallelism of Julia and Intel’s TBB in tandem.
While the Julia thread blog post and the docs do not address this issue, I found an Intel blog post (by the same authors) which mentions the need to compose parallel foreign libraries from Julia. However, that blog refers to a manual modification of the external library (FFTW) which is not a general solution.

Are there any plans to enable parallel composition from Julia with Intel’s TBB? (perhaps automatically adding the required interfaces during the jll creation of BinaryBuilder)
If so, is there a beta version I can try out?

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I understand the community was preoccupied with JuliaCon (which was terrific!)
Now that JuliaCon is over and done, I’d appreciate an answer to my post: can I combine external parallel functions (e.g. C++ libraries using Intel’s TBB) with Julia’s @spawn parallelism