Syntax issue in MAT package

In the MAT_v5.jl of MAT Package, I’ve seen the following definition

type Matlabv5File <: HDF5.DataFile
varnames::Dict{String, Int64}

Matlabv5File(ios, swap_bytes) = new(ios, swap_bytes)


But after I went through the julia syntax documentation, I didn’t find any that can define a composite type using “type…end”. Isn’t is supposed to be “struct…end”? Does the author of the package define his own keyword? Could any explain this? Thanks.

OK. Just found out “type…end” is used in older versions for defining composite type

The MAT package hasn’t been updated for Julia 1.0 yet but there are multiple pull requests working towards this at, so it shouldn’t be too far off.

Got it. Thanks for the response, Gunnar!

In the mean time, I have been using

Thx, man