Syntax: invalid character literal

using PyCall
@pyimport osmnx as ox
@pyimport networkx as nx
@pyimport geopandas as gpd
@pyimport matplotlib.pyplot as plt
@pyimport pandas as pd

function getRoadGraph()

	place_name = "Beijing, China"
	graph = ox.graph_from_place(place_name, network_type = "drive") # type: networkx.classes.multidigraph.MultiDigraph
	return graph

# return a list of nodes along the route
function getRoute(graph, sourceLocX::Float, sourceLocY::Float, sinkLocX::Float, sinkLocY::Float)
    # @import osmnx as ox
	# @import networkx as nx
	graph_proj = ox.project_graph(graph) # reprojecting data into UTM
	orig_yx = (sourceLocY, sourceLocX)   # orig point
	target_yx = (sinkLocY, sinkLocX)     # target point
	# find the nearest node to the point/location orig_yx
    orig_node = ox.get_nearest_node(graph_proj, orig_yx, method="euclidean")
	# find the nearest node to the point/location target_yx
	target_node = ox.get_nearest_node(graph_proj, target_yx, method = "euclidean" )
	route = nx.shortest_path(G=graph_proj, source=orig_node, target=target_node, weight='length')
	return route


Could anyone please help me out?

Strings must be quoted with double quotes in Julia.


Hi @bsnyh , Did you solved the error? Where is the problem in your code?

Error in

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