Syntax : incomplete : premature end of input

I am trying to create a new module within a module, but in a separate file. Regardless, both of the modules are giving me the same error of “syntax : incomplete : premature end of input”, but I have end as the closing statement of the module definition. Can anybody help me with this?

module MyUnits

@unit DistanceMetric "m" MyUnits 1u"m" true
@unit PressureMetric "decibars" MyUnits 1u"Pa/10000" true

end # module

Can you update your example to reproduce the same error you’re getting? I assume you must at least have something like using Unitful, since otherwise the @unit macro won’t exist.

That is all I have written. It is inside another module where I have used Unitful. But I get the same error anyway. The error just says syntax : incomplete : premature end of input.