SymbolicWedderburn examples

Hi @abulak
When I run ex_C2_linear or runtest in SymbolicWedderburn.jl, I get

ERROR: UndefVarError: `Monomial` not defined
 [1] top-level scope
   @ c:\Users\raven\.julia\packages\SymbolicWedderburn\lbiby\examples\ex_C2_linear.jl:16


ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: `Monomial` not defined
 [1] top-level scope
   @ c:\Users\raven\.julia\packages\SymbolicWedderburn\lbiby\test\action_linear.jl:12
in expression starting at c:\Users\raven\.julia\packages\SymbolicWedderburn\lbiby\test\action_linear.jl:12

If I substitute AbstractMonomial for Monomial, it will work. It seems the master version is more compatible rather than the active version here.

However, if I do this for action_polynomials, and then run ex_S4, it does not work and still gives me the error:

ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: `Monomial` not defined
 [1] top-level scope
   @ c:\Users\raven\.julia\packages\SymbolicWedderburn\lbiby\examples\action_polynomials.jl:20
in expression starting at c:\Users\raven\.julia\packages\SymbolicWedderburn\lbiby\examples\action_polynomials.jl:20

When I close each file, it cannot save the changes unless I retry as an administrator. What should I do?

If you need to change the contents, then this is where you use Pkg.develop or ] dev.

Am I allowed to do that? I am not an expert. So I may naively change something that should not be changed.

If I do that, here is the result:

Julia> Pkg.develop(url="")
     Cloning git-repo ``
   Resolving package versions...
ERROR: Unsatisfiable requirements detected for package StarAlgebras [0c0c59c1]:
 StarAlgebras [0c0c59c1] log:
 ├─possible versions are: 0.1.0-0.2.1 or uninstalled
 └─restricted to versions 0.3 by SymbolicWedderburn [858aa9a9] — no versions left
   └─SymbolicWedderburn [858aa9a9] log:
     ├─possible versions are: 0.4.0 or uninstalled
     └─SymbolicWedderburn [858aa9a9] is fixed to version 0.4.0

@Khashayar-Neshat please use github for this. see this pull request. Help welcome there!