Symbolics.jl collect like terms?

Is there functionality similar to SymPy’s collect in Symbolics.jl?

Alternatively I would appreciate another solution to this problem which maybe makes more sense:

I’m manipulating a multivariate symbolic equation in the Z-domain and want to pick off specific variables. This is what I’m looking at:

(c*h + c*f*z + a*f*(z^2) + a*h*z - d*g - b*g*z - b*e*(z^2) - d*e*z) / (z^3)

I’d like this simplified in terms of z^(-n) rather than z^(+n) / z^(+m). Also, I want to reorganize the terms such that the symbolic coefficients are grouped by powers of z. In SymPy this is done as my_expr.expand().collect(z). Is there a way to do this with Symbolics.jl?

Also, I want all symbolic coefficients of particular powers of z; ideally I could have an iterator over all coefficients with the variable z^(-1) and another iterator over all coefficients with variables not equal to z^(-1)

I don’t think it is possible as polynomials assume monomials with non negative integer powers. It would be a nice extension to extend the concept o polynomial to Laurent polynomials