[Sydney] 2017 Dec 7 - Intro to Julia from a Data Perspective - Can it be the fastest too?

Update: slides from talk

Feel free to come early around 5.45pm to mingle and watch a Julia video. Talk starts at 6.30pm

Intro to Julia from a Data perspective - Can Julia be the fastest in-memory data manipulation language too?

Presenter: Dai ZJ (http://www.linkedin.com/in/daizj)

Bio: ZJ has worked in banking & data science related fields since 2007. He is part of a startup in stealth where being able to manipulate 50GB size datasets reasonably quickly without expensive hardware/software is important.


We all know Julia is meant to be fast. But there is an important caveat - it is fast at compute tasks but is it fast at data tasks where R’s data.table is king? Can it be faster than data.table? This talk will offer an introduction to Julia’s data ecosystem and gives an “into the future” look at what’s around the corner for Julia as a data manipulation tool.

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slides from talk

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