Switch off chunks of code

I’m wondering if there’s a way to completely remove sections of debug/analytics code via some switch, similar to #define in C. Currently I’m just doing this.

function f(x, analyse=false)
    # compute output
    if analyse
        # compute rarely-needed expensive statistics

This is OK, but it would be nice to tell the compiler to just ignore this code when compiling for production. I believe the answer is metaprogramming, which can go deeper than I’m willing to dive, but I suspect the solution here is relatively simple.

I found a couple of related threads on stack overflow etc., but nothing that quite matches.

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Would @debug work for your use case? Logging · The Julia Language


FYI, @debug doesn’t seem to construct the output if the enabled loglevel is higher than the one specified by the macro (Debug in this case). So it should work properly.


Yes it would!. Thanks.