Support for Intel Mac AMD GPUs

I saw this topic here and wondered whether there were any updates:

? It says that only AMD architectures on Linux are supported. Is there any hope of changing that in the future or is it a lost cause?

The thing is, there are brilliant 2019 Intel/AMD GPU Macs out there, lightning-fast, but support so far has been spotty.

Please let me know!

Thank you.

Very unlikely that we will be able to support/find the developer time to support it.

The sad part is that Apple effectively killed previous gen GPU support and it makes little sense
for us to spent considerable time and effort on figuring out a way to support them.

AMD itself doesn’t support MacOS with it’s ROCM effort so we would need to bring up a bespoke infrastructure based on OpenCL just for these Macs.


You can still install a Linux on this machine, also in dual boot via rEFInd.

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Ah thank you for that suggestion. Do you have a link for instructions for dual boot Linux/Mac?

Moreover, is there a way to get involved myself with OpenCL and Julia? I learned some about the Cuda/C++ interface and was able to write Cudacore programmes. I would be happy to take a look for the OpenCL equivalent.

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Since I do not use a Mac myself, I can only link you something that I find in the Internet, just as yourself. But I can recommend you to use Garuda KDE.

This seems like a current and nicely documented tutorial.