Sun elevation and moon phase

You don’t supply details or expected output, but a quick test here (Julia v1.10rc, AstroLib v0.4.2) suggests it works OK.

using AstroLib
lat, lon = (51.477811, -0.001475)
jd = jdcnv("2023-12-25T10:27:00")
ra, dec = sunpos(jd)
alti, azi, ha = eq2hor(ra, dec, jd, lat, lon)

giving altitude and azimuth (12.389058355400406, 157.92698445374288). This is close to NOAA’s calculations:

but I don’t know how accurate AstroLib’s results are expected to be - is 0.071 difference good or bad…

I think the documentation issue for sunpos has already been addressed by a helpful contributor! As it says in the README:

Check out to see how you can help. Volunteers are welcome!

But - see here for more recent developments.

Perhaps talk to the Julia/Astronomy folks?