Can Julia Create Synastry Table (Astrology Compatibility Calculator)?

Hi all,

I am learning that can create Synastry, a Synastry is a comparison of natal chart between two people to measure the compatibility, ever wonder why attracted to someone really high? given that person face or body feature is your type, otherwise you won’t be attracted, except air sign which attracted to intelligent over physicality.

When you were born at certain date and time (hour of birth) it becomes a map of your life (natal chart) that determine your behavior likeness, dislikeness, some called destiny, that’s why some people are born that way, the characteristics, the tendency to win or lose, discipline of people even can be measured with this natal chart.

The website can generate the table that gives symbol of conjunction (exact position), sextile, trine, opposition.

I want to make something like this:

given that I will provide the data, if someone for example born on January first, the location of each planet is at certain degree, then it will revolved different for each planets.

That way I learn why Bonnie and Clyde did what they do, combine their chart, this is Romeo and Juliet synastry, and Justin and Sophie Trudeau too, along with George Bush Sr with Barbara Bush, till death do us part indeed.

Hopefully there are packages that can help me to create this. Will help people avoid useless relationship that will not last / short term only. For those who want love. Otherwise, well… your life your choice.

Till the natal chart / table of synastry is enough I then can make the calculator like the one in Magi Helena that tick whether it is “Best Friends and Lovers” or “No real interest / Going Nowhere” or “Heaven and Hell” or " Emotional Attachment"…

Thanks before!

Hum, maybe I am assuming too much, but probably most Julia community members have no domain expertise in this field.

Probably you’d have more luck asking more concrete questions. Anyway, if you want to manipulate tabular data, Dataframes.jl is the package you are looking for.


In Julia there seems to be only astronomy packages, for astrology you could call Python’s Kerykeion

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Finding the approximate positions of the planets in the sky at a certain time isn’t too difficult, the equations are straightforward enough and thoroughly documented. Here’s an example (using a package that I started and abandoned many years ago):

using Astro # it's not registered for good reasons :) 
using Dates

jd = Dates.datetime2julian(now())
ra, decl = geocentric_planet(jd, "Mercury", 

dayfraction = radianstime_to_fday(ra)

println("Right Ascension: ", fday_to_hms(dayfraction))
println("Declination: ", rad2deg(decl))

# => Right Ascension: (20, 58, 33.49607695113809)
# => Declination: -18.837652512618497

According to the results should be:

So the calculations are reasonably close but not identical (or it might be a coincidence…). You wouldn’t want to launch a rocket with these approximations.

However in this case, it doesn’t matter at all, because the results are going to be used in a nonsensical context (astrology). You might just as well calculate the values as rand() * 24 for all the difference it would make in practice. Nobody would notice, and it would even save a bit of electricity… :slight_smile:


Why the package is not registered? I though Astrology is a science too, planets are bound to gravity. Its Physics…

Great one. I will try to learn it. Thanks @cormullion



It lacks conclusive testing of its theories against the evidence obtained.

As Prof. Feynman once said: “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.




We can also ask statistical questions, like does astrology predict adult compatibility better than e.g. online dating apps? To answer that q, I guess you would need to do the astronomy calculations. I also seem to recall that the inhabitants of Persephone/Rupert wanted help to recalculate Earth’s astrological charts for Rupert! (I won’t say how it ended!)

Yes, Julia is a great language to create a lot of things. But, I have interest in astrology. Calculate the compatibility, etc. Statistics a bit.

For me it is science.

Besides astrology from western, there is also Bazi and ZWDS from Chinese. And if combined I think quite accurate.