Suggestion: forcing Travis CI to render verbose build output

Pkg3 currently directs all output from the process to a log file. That’s generally nice, as it keeps the terminal from filling up with tens of thousands of lines of autotools output, but it’s a hassle on Travis CI, where it results in builds being terminated early (because they don’t output anything for > 10 minutes) and makes build issues harder to debug.

There’s an open issue here: so I’m sure this will get fixed eventually, but I thought I’d post a useful workaround of my own (based on the suggestions from ).

If you want the full build log to be printed in your Travis CI build, just add the following to your .travis.yml:

  # Every 30 seconds, look for the build log file. If it exists, then
  # start watching its contents and printing them to stdout as they
  # change. This has two effects:
  #   1. it avoids Travis timing out because the build outputs nothing
  #   2. it makes it more obvious what part of the build, if any, gets stuck
  - while sleep 30; do tail ~/build/JuliaPackaging/CMake.jl/deps/build.log -f ; done &

(replacing JuliaPackaging/CMake.jl with your particular repo).

I’m also open to suggestions if people have ways to make this workaround even better.


Did you make any progress on this?

I have a similar issue where I would like to see some feedback during builds that take a long time. I was wondering whether there is a way to enable verbose from within build.jl?

Verbosity of is default since Julia 1.0:

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