Sublime Text 4: indentation vexation

Is anyone else having trouble with ST 4 indentation?

I use ST4 every day to write Julia code and I’ve never used that functionality. I manually do my indenting out of not knowing any better.

After seeing the JuliaFormatter announcement I’ve been meaning to hack something together in Sublime to utilize that. I will definitely share if I get anything working.

Re-indent works flawlessly in ST3. Sometimes it works in ST4. When it works, it is invaluable.

@randy3k was able to fix the syntax so that the re-indentation works in ST4. Many thanks!

Edit: I regret to have misinformed you, but the re-indentation still doesn’t work properly. I found another pattern which breaks that functionality.

JuliaFormatter is great. But if all I want is re-indent a code fragment, or even a single file, it is much more in the flow of things to use the editor itself.

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