Subarray view and parent indexing

This snippet:

using ImageMorphology

a = reshape(collect(1:36), 6, 6)
labels = label_components(a .> 16, trues(3,3))
box = component_boxes(labels)[2]

returns a bounding box:

2-element Array{Tuple{Int64,Int64},1}:
 (1, 3)
 (6, 6)

I’m looking for a convenient notation to use box for operations inside subarray delimited by it. Is there a shorter way to write this view:

v = @view a[box[1][1]:box[2][1], box[1][2]:box[2][2]]

Is there an easier way to convert index i of subarray v into an index j of parent array a than:

i = argmax(v)
j = i + CartesianIndex(box[1]) - CartesianIndex((1, 1))