Sub plus (₊) instead of dot in the dot notation in equations displayed by ModelingToolkit

I was just wondering what was the reason for displaying the MTK equations using (for example) capacitor₊n₊v instead of capacitor.n.v (as in the RC Circuit example). Couldn’t dots be used for displaying as well (when they are used for inputs anyway)? I confess that reading the displayed equations is not particularly convenient as I occasionally have troubles to distinguish and +.

Yeah it could. I think there is an issue on this.

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It was closed

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I am hesitating as for where to place it, perhaps it could be more appropriate in the Issues, but I will give it a try here.

Looking at one recent problem [Update parameters in ModelingToolkit using callbacks] here at Discourse, I noticed that the old issue that we discussed here still persist:

julia> states(sys)
3-element Vector{Any}:

So, was it finally decided to keep the as the separation character after the issue was closed?

Note also that in the legend in the figure in that post, some entries use . and some .

May I kindly attract @YingboMa 's attention to this? Many thanks.

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There’s going to be some major changes to the namespacing, and they will be happening ASAP because they are being put into the same release as the symbolic array changes (which already merged).